DNSRBL - The Real-time Blackhole List


dnsrbl-eyeThank you for visiting our website. Home to DNSRBL – The Real-time Blackhole List powered by Data Packet Networks.

Started in 2006 under a different name (Intercept), DNSRBL has now grown into its own with an ever growing user-base. We store IP Addresses that are used to send unsolicited or undesired mailings. The purpose of DNSRBL is to stop spam and junk email. DNSRBL is open to the public and available free of charge.

To use DNSRBL to protect your mail server or for use with a scoring filter like SpamAssassin or ASSP, simply query dnsrbl.org with the IP address in reverse order – (e.g.

Click Here to Lookup or Remove an IP address from DNSRBL

If you notice any website or DNS issues, please email info@interlayer.net. Do not send delisting requests or any other requests for information about a listing, you will be ignored. If your IP is listed you can find the most common reasons on the listing criteria page.