DNSRBL - The Real-time Blackhole List

Listing Criteria

dnsrbl-eyeThe goal of DNSRBL is to stop unsolicited and undesired mailings. Putting Spam aside for a moment, Junk email; e.g. low quality mailings are a huge problem clogging inboxes and can cause you to get listed at DNSRBL. IP Addresses attempting to send viruses are also listed.

DNSRBL uses intelligent filters that constantly sample incoming mail feeds to determine if a mail violates DNSRBL policies. DNSRBL does not solely rely on spam traps and does not care if the mail is opt-in.

Shared email servers may be listed due to no fault of your own. In that case you may wish to discuss the issue with your email provider, or find a provider that actively monitors and implements technology or policies that prevent spam or other unwanted email from spewing from their servers. DataPacket is a great choice for email hosting.

Automated messages should be checked for a valid message ID.

A valid SPF record is recommended. If using DKIM make sure that it’s valid. Check and double check your SPF and DKIM records to be sure they’re valid.

It’s recommended that mail servers have a valid hostname w/ a-record, PTR record and MX record.

DNSRBL does not discriminate or whitelist. If your IP Address is used to send Spam or Junk email you will be listed.

Listings will expire in time. The more spam sent, the more time the IP Address will remain listed. Habitual offenders will remain listed indefinitely until removed via the lookup/removal tool on this site.